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Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Viktória Szunyoghy, I am a painter.

The admiration of creation, of art, of a painting or a work of art, and the making of it, has fascinated me since my childhood. Already then I decided that I would get my first degree as a painter, which I did, in 2008, at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts. Since then, I have been working as a professional painter. In the last 13 years or so, several of my paintings have traveled the world. This has allowed me to present my vision and, through it, my paintings to the public in numerous interiors, exhibitions, galleries and art auctions. Some of my exhibited works are now part of art collections, but many of my paintings have found new homes on the walls of homes, with the help of interior designers, as part of beautiful interiors, modern or classic home furnishings. It is wonderful professional acknowledgement and pride when an artist can see her own paintings on the pages of interior design, art or design magazines. I am grateful for this kind of professional recognition, and try to present these publications on my site.

For me, it is important that an artwork or a painting should be something that its owner can experience, and that it should give pleasure every day by conveying artistic value and complementing the interior, adding to the interior design of the space in question, living together with the colors, shapes, furniture, other artworks and interior design objects present at the given location.

It is not always an easy task for an artist to pick out the most significant exhibitions that have been the most influential events in her life, but I think these are the ones I am most proud of:

  • Collegium Hungaricum (2017), Rome
  • Bozsó Collection (2015), Kecskemét
  • Grand Palais (2014), Paris
  • Kempinski Hotel (2014), Budapest
  • European Parliament (2011), Brussels
  • Kogart Gallery (2011), Budapest
  • Millenáris (2010), Budapest
  • Royal College of Art (2004), London

As a young artist, after my university years, following my graduation, it was a great acknowledgement of my professional career that I was given the opportunity to work for the Kogart Gallery, one of the most renowned galleries in Hungary, for 5 years as a painter, and my paintings were exhibited alongside works by very important contemporary artists.


I am considered a figure painter. I paint mainly in oils, on canvas, but besides my oil paintings, I also create a lot of watercolors and acrylic paintings. I am interested in human characters and in personifying what I have to say through them.

I often draw inspiration from various trips, from the diversity of cultures, the people and the situations I have encountered in the course of my travels.

The majority of my works are portraits, creating a kind of impression of our age. In addition to portraits, landscapes, landscape painting, the relationship between man and nature or man and the built-up world have recently come to play an important role.

The depiction of worlds, near or far, reveals to me a diverse and unforgettable theme of human destinies, which I hope will resonate with the viewer when looking at one of my paintings.


It has been a dream of mine for many years to have my work featured in international cinema, even in Oscar-winning films, and to have been seen in various American and British film productions. I have been commissioned to work with renowned film companies, such as Marvel, Disney, Netflix, Fox, Paramount, Nat Geo and Amazon, to name but a few.

This has led to my work as an artist being featured in world-famous productions, such as Shadow & Bone, The Witcher, Genius Picasso, Strike Back, Robin Hood, Blade Runner, Marco Polo 2, Colette, The Alienist, Hanna and Dune, to name but a few. For me, every new film is an inspiring painting challenge, where I can work as part of a well-organized, international creative team. This sometimes gives me the opportunity to travel to distant and previously unknown places, and I use my experiences and memories from these trips in my own work as well.

In 2015, I had the pleasure of spending 3 months in Malaysia in connection with the shooting of the Netflix series Marco Polo 2, which proved to be a very formative time in my life, and had a great influence on my painting as well.

Film and fine art are very much intertwined in my life; so much so that I have recently been working on oil paintings of my experiences of film and travel. The works created as a result of these experiences were exhibited at Gallery K in downtown Budapest.


I would like to make my work more widely available, and to introduce it to the public here, in the hope that they will browse through the paintings with the same joy and enthusiasm with which they were created.

Browsing through the webshop on my website you will only find high quality, serial numbered, limited edition art prints, created based on my most cherished oil paintings and watercolors.

All of these art prints are made with great care; they are professionally printed and framed.

One of the secrets to achieving high quality is the use of special, thick, dipped paper for the art prints, which are individually hand numbered, signed and embossed with my signature and logo stamp, making each print unique.


If I have piqued your interest, you can continue to follow my work on my site, for everything from the latest news to paintings. In addition, you can find out about the international productions I have participated in as a painter and receive updates in connection with my career.

Thank you for your attention and for visiting my site!

With love,